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Evan Beloni
About Evan Beloni
Heavy Metal [Art]
Electric VW Golf
Software Development
About Me

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Heavy Metal [Art]

I find scrap metal and make big art pieces out of it. My style is big, heavy pieces, both furniture and non-functional sculptures. I make some inside stuff, which is cleaned and clear-coated to prevent rust, but I like dirty, rusty outside yard art even more.

  Bulldozer End Table Lamp [129lbs]
  Counter Top Wine Rack [10] [33lbs]
  Big Butt Tube Dude [15lbs]
  Smaller Tube Dude [9lbs]

  MangledPipeWineRack [46lbs]
  Captive Sphere [105lbs]

  Twin Tailed Scrap Sucker [94lbs]

  Railroad Caterpillar Dude II [24lbs]

  Smaller Smasher Battle Tool [34lbs]

  Helix[54] [122lbs]


Fire 'art' sculptures and related items.

Electric VW Golf

Home made, electric, street legal, up to 85mph: DE-IECD - it's my Electric VW Golf conversion


Off-Road fabrication and related projects specifically for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Software Development

With years of programming experience in about 19 languages, I've created several PC and web based programs to do stuff I need. One of the first big ones was xFT3.NET, a batch file transfer program. This software allows download management with an integrated web browser and several other tools. Also available is TimeCard, time card management software, and ECE1574p5, a low end graphics manipulation program. All programs listed here are written in C++ and Visual Basic.NET.

About Me

Evan Beloni: engineer, artist, innovator

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