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During the winter break after the first semester of freshman year in 2003, my friend at home had a welder. A couple of us taught ourselves how to weld. At some point I borrowed the welder for a project and ended up buying it for a killer deal and bringing up to Blacksburg around 2006. I started welding random scrap pieces together just for fun. One day I welded some nuts together that turned into a coffee table leg. After that, I started actually making things. For the love of melting steel with an electric arc.

Generally, I get my inspiration from the metal I find. When I get lucky, I find some cool metal and get an idea of what to make with it. My style is big, heavy pieces, both furniture and non-functional sculptures. I make some inside stuff, which is cleaned and clear-coated to prevent rust, but I like dirty, rusty outside yard art even more.

Techniques I use include MIG welding (FCAW), stick welding (SMAW or MMA), plasma cutting & gouging and abrasive grinding & cutting. I can also TIG weld, GMAW and oxy-fuel braze/weld/cut, but don't use those for HM[A].

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There are currently 2676 pounds of metal listed

Some of these items are for sale! If so, the price is listed. If you are interested, please contact me at : 

"Creative use of salvaged and recycled materials to create rhythmic abstract sculptures alongside whimsical creatures." -Art at the Market awards judge (2nd place in 3-D)

Flickr Photo Stream by Allen Fuller
New River Voice 7/30/10
Roanoke Times 7/25/10
Collegiate Times 7/14/10

Order By: Name  |  Weight  ^  v  |  Approximate Creation Date  |  Price
Current order: Heaviest First
(2 pieces)[312 lbs]Commissioned Workyour ideas and mine collide
(4 pieces)[173 lbs]Indoor Functionaluseful objects for indoor useage
(3 pieces)[264 lbs]Indoor Furniturechairs, tables etc. designed to reside indoors only
(1 pieces)[73 lbs]Indoor Sculpturecreation designed to reside indoors only
(5 pieces)[60 lbs]Tube Dudestoob doods are pretty chill, and cute
(5 pieces)[196 lbs]Yard Crittervarious critters designed to be outside
(2 pieces)[288 lbs]Yard Furniturechairs, tables etc. designed to reside outside, but can be used inside
(8 pieces)[606 lbs]Yard Helixhelices are great stairs for small rodents
(2 pieces)[20 lbs]Yard Mouthmouths to protect your yard
(7 pieces)[684 lbs]Yard Sculpturecreations designed to reside in the yard

[247 lbs]

Big ass 619 for the 6/19 party
Plasma Love
[215 lbs]

Auger Ball
[153 lbs]

Goal: big installed sculpture to grab attention of passersby
Result: exactly that
HM[A] Sign
[142 lbs]

This is a sign for HM[A]
Bulldozer End Table Lamp
[129 lbs]

Combination end table and lamp
[128 lbs]

57 bone helix
[122 lbs]

I-Beam In The Sky
[118 lbs]

Chunk of I-Beam supported with rebar
Captive Sphere
[105 lbs]

Kinda like Captive Dome, but a whole sphere!
Twin Tailed Scrap Sucker
[94 lbs]

Scrap suckers are great cleanup creatures.
[83 lbs]

Captive Dome
[80 lbs]

dome of spikes holding a rock
AT-SC Walker
[73 lbs]

The look of an AT-ST Imperial Walker made of 100% reused Schultz-Creehan metal, you have the AT-SC Walker.
PerforatedPlateMangledPipe Chair
[73 lbs]

House destruction site inspired chair
[73 lbs]

Combination Table / Stool
[68 lbs]

made with 30 highly corroded bones for a different colored look
Recycled Recycler
[65 lbs]

As my first commissioned piece, the Recycled Recycler is the trophy for the first year of the Virginia Tech Eco-Olympics.
[63 lbs]

Coffee Table
[62 lbs]

[54 lbs]

24 bone helix
Super Smasher Battle Tool
[52 lbs]

Designed to smash yard art thieving Vikings, this battle tool is sure to demolish enemies.
[48 lbs]

This wine rack holds 12 bottles
[46 lbs]

This wine rack holds 16 bottles!
[46 lbs]

a wine rack made with the same pipe as PerforatedPlateMangledPipe Chair
[45 lbs]

this here is a 20 bone helix
[43 lbs]

an extra corroded helix - it's my brother's now
Railroad Caterpillar Dude
[39 lbs]

Another dude made from railroad parts.
[39 lbs]

This was a test of attaching steel to rock. It worked
Smaller Smasher Battle Tool
[34 lbs]

at a mere 34 pounds, this battle tool is easier to wield than the Super Smasher
Counter Top Wine Rack [10]
[33 lbs]

a shorter wine rack for counter tops
Railroad Caterpillar Dude II
[24 lbs]

Big Butt Tube Dude
[15 lbs]

A tube dude who's a bit bigger
Tube Dude 001
[14 lbs]

The First Tube Dude!
Tripod Tube Dude
[12 lbs]

Toob doods are awesome
Big Mouth
[10 lbs]

Tends to eat other scrap metal more than protect the yard
Lobster Eyed Yard Mouth
[10 lbs]

He is quite viscous and great for protecting your yard from geese and small children
Sitting Tube Dude
[10 lbs]

I said Sit, he did. He won't listen any other command though.
Smaller Tube Dude
[9 lbs]

STD? oh no!
Railroad Dude
[0 lbs]

Little dude made from railroad parts.

Some of these items are for sale! If so, the price is listed. If you are interested, please contact me at : 

Welding Note:  There is a big difference between my art welding and fabrication welding. Non structural welding, such as in art, is not done with the care and proper method that structural welding is. Any poorly placed welds are not representative of my welding skills.

Safety Note: Although I have never had an injury incident with any Heavy Metal [Art], there is some concern with the possibility of drunk people, kids, etc. walking into something. As a result, I will not be responsible for any injury in which Heavy Metal [Art] is involved.

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