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VW Golf electric car conversion process page

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0: Process Home
1: Planning and Procurement
2: Removal of Gas Components
3: Engine Extraction
4: Motor Installation
5: Battery Rack Fabrication
6: Aluminum Mounting Plate
7: Wire Conduit
8: Mounting Other Stuff
9: Battery Interconnect
10: Car Audio

The conversion process was split up into four phases:

(2007 - 06/09)Phase 1was the planning stage and began about a year before the conversion began. This involved selecting the components to go in it, where this would come from, buying the donor car etc.

(7/6/09 - 07/18/09)Phase 2began while I was still driving it as a gas car. This stage simply involved removal of all the gas related components. I began by removing the exhaust system and still drove it around (LOUD) for a couple more days. Then I removed the gas tank and all fuel lines, rendering the Golf undriveable until the conversion was completed. I also pulled out the engine in this stage.

(6/24/09 - 9/10/09)Phase 3was the most complicated and involved phase where all the electric components were installed. I started off by fabricating a battery rack in the trunk area to hold 8 batteries and the charger. The electric motor was fitted with the original flywheel assembly and mounted to the transmission. I also modified the motor mount that came with the motor for a good custom fit to the car. Next, I built a battery rack under the hood to hold 4 more batteries. I mounted all the control components to an aluminum plate on hinges mounted to the firewall with access to the motor. This phase ended the day I successfully drove the electric car.

(9/14/09 - forever)Phase 4is an ongoing phase that includes all the non-conversion specific modifications that I'm doing while the EV is complete.

Work Log

Phase 1100Estimated planning time

Phase 216 total
17-6-09Muffler Removal
47-9-09Remove gas tank, fuel lines, radiator, hoses, almost everything connected to the engine
37-10-09More parts removal
57-18-09Remove engine, other stuff
2.57-19-09Remove most of heat shields, clean engine compartment
0.57-30-09Remove last heat shield
Phase 3108.5 total
105-9-09Mount all components, wire, complete 144V & 12V, 8ft test drive, first charge
46-24-09Battery Box Design
86-28-09Battery box rack fabrication
37-12-09Finishing welding battery rack and other component removal
37-14-09More battery rack, paint battery rack, get engine hoist
1.57-19-09Mount flywheel to motor
37-21-09Tach adaptor design, machine magnet mount
67-23-09Motor prep & input
77-24-09Motor mounting, front battery rack fab
57-26-09Fab last battery rack, "machine" aluminum mounting plate
27-29-09Finish mounting Al plate and try to arrange components
47-30-09Mount conduit, mounting component planning
48-2-09Machine custom parts
18-4-09Test battery fit and parts
18-10-09Pull wire through conduit and stuff
18-11-09Finalize tach adaptor, get more batteries
3.58-14-09Fab PS mount, machine starter cover plate & install
78-15-09Lots of component mounting
1.58-21-09Mounting power steering pump and vacuum switch
68-22-09Wiring various stuff
48-24-09Wiring 12v dist
1.58-25-09Wiring 120 VAC box in gas inlet
19-1-09Start sanding AL plate
29-4-09Begin mounting components to plate
49-6-09Wire & install gage pod
49-7-09Wire & test PS pump, mount gauge pod, attempt diagnose weeee sound
1.59-9-09Finish sanding AL plate
39-10-09Final hookup and test drives
Phase 423 total
29-14-09Attempt to wire second battery remote
49-15-09Wire remotes, redo 2/0 in front, fix temp
29-24-09Sub box design
59-26-09Build sub box, figure out battery leak
39-27-0912V aux battery, balance battery acid levels
69-27-09More box building, wire 12V aux batt
19-28-09Caulk box, apply website tattoos

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