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In the spring of 2016, I decided to reconnect with my inner pyromaniac. Since then, I dove into both playing with existing propane poofer technology and developing my own things.


Bongfire is a series of small fire sculptures that come together to form an array of LPG fire, dazzling lights and most importantly: Water. Reminiscent of a smoking bon*, a clear plenum houses a column of water with propane bubbles rising from the bottom. The propane bubbles burst at the surface, mix with air in a fire-themed crown then burn off. This bubbling also creates a calming sound, somewhat like a flowing creek. Further memorizing display is provided by color changing lights illuminating through the bubbling water. An interactive aspect was even added to the installation at DeCOmp 2016 and more is planned for the future.

The next event planned for Bongfires is Apogaea. I got the art grant that I applied for, so there will be a totally ridiculous display coming soon. Thanks CATS!

Watch the video ->   

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Bongfire Gen 2 debut
Bongfire Gen 2 debut
Bongfire at DeCOmp
Prototype with blacklight dye
behemoth prototype poof
See that green flame? Yeah you do!
Even the Minion cylinder is a bit concerned about this setup.

Flamin Jeep

Why would a Jeep not have a flame thrower? I have not been able to answer that question.
The fire wand is a 6 foot pipe mounted to a multi axis turret made from two Jeep wheel bearings. Push button controls actuate 3 solenoid valves and a hot surface ignitor. It is not only a propane poofer, but also equipped for liquid fuel (see also: flamethrower).
Torching the CB
View from driver seat
Testing the liquid fuel feature (flame thrower)

Fire Bike

Related question: Why would your burner bike not have a burner built in?
Should have gotten better pictures in use, but it's a jet torch style burner with a bypass dump that puts out a 8 inch blue flame or 8 foot yellow/orange flame.
Basic setup mods
Complete with splatter paint
Closeup of torch


Forget a candle Jack-O-Lantern, this one is propane powered. I wish I got better pictures, now you'll have to wait for Halloween 2017!
pumkin poof

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