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Evan Beloni
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Heavy Metal [Art]
Electric VW Golf
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About Me

This website contains electronic music material that may be unsuitable for those lacking taste in nasty, grungy electronic bass lines. If you do not have taste in music consisting of nasty bass, heavy beats and tons of crazy sounds, you should leave this site. If you can handle the filth, crank up your stereo and commence stagger immediately.

Oh shit, hold on:
   I had the idea to produce dubstep about a year ago, but realized I didn't have the time for it and canceled the project. I got back into the idea recently and went for it, starting production attempts. The other night, as I was putting off important work (starting an engineering firm, writing patent applications, etc.) to make music, I realized I still don't have time to produce. Hopefully I have time to put some time into mixing, but production is on hold until I have "free time".

Brief Summary:
   I love filthy electronic music, so I decided to make it. My goal is production of filthy stuff, but I think to produce well I need to DJ too, so I'll be mixing filthy stuff too. I expect to be involved with Dubstep, Grime, DnB, Electro-House and Breakbeats of the filthiest type. Stuff I've made so far sounds like a mix between filthy music and something that a dude with minimal music experience and 3 days of Reason experience made. That's exactly what it is. Listen below.

Style Attempt:
   The goal is to make something that resembles music while also sounding like a Transformer robot dying, slightly off harmony with another Transformer eating the dying one, with a revving dildozer, a jackhammer and a metal saw grinding on pavement in the background; probably sampled in reverse.

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Who are you?

Here's some sounds:
Turn up the bass and volume, this is made for stereos with large sub woofers and great bass response.

Original Production & Remixes:

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
(Baseplate Scary Viola Remix)

3:30 ( MB)

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Bassplate Scary Violas Edit by bassplate
(Dec. 2010)
Dedicated to Brian Christopher

Mega Ultra Chicken (in progress)
2:58 (2.72 MB)
Improved beats and song structure coming soon...
Mega Ultra Chicken (in progress) by bassplate
(Dec. 2010)
Dedicated to Brian Christopher

Filth Experiment 02
2:18 (2.12 MB)

(Dec. 2010)

Filth Experiment 01
4:48 (4.39 MB)

(Dec. 2010)

Electro - made in Fruity Loops many years ago
3:07 (2.85 MB)



Full Figure Mix
Full Figure by bassplate
65min (89 MB)   download
Figure style crazy ass bass for an hour. Totally nuts.

Pretending to be a DJ: April Fools Day Mix
46:30 (63.8 MB)   download

A brief mix of electro house, my first recorded mix. Ironically on April Fools Day. Is this a joke?

bassplate dubstep mix

Moore Bassplate! studio sessions

126min (173 MB)   download
'Figure House' to drumstep then Electro House, maybe other stuff too

Moore Bassplate! bad(ass) breaks mix
103:02 (141 MB)   download

Keep checking back, I'll post as I make new tracks (especially ones that don't suck) and I'll post mixes here, too.

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