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This software is not by any means at a professional level and is a small sample of software I have developed. Under each one is a description of the software. All software development created by Evan Beloni except where otherwise noted.


xDragReducer   [VB.NET] x Drag Reducer software for turbulent fluid flow
    I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech (as of 2008.04.03). This project is for my senior design project, Drag Reduction in Turbulent Pipe Flow. I'm really just putting this up for my teammates for instructions and support. Without getting into the fluid mechanics of the system, the basic idea of the project is oscillating a pipe to alter vortex structures and reduce drag. This software controls the servo via serial port (RS-232) to create specified oscillations and connects to a National Instruments data acquisition board to record data via a 4-20ma output on a Signet Magmeter.


xMobileSynergy   [VB.NET] x Mobile Synergy software for car computers - mp3, gps, obd-ii
    xMobileSynergy is a software package that synergistically unites several car computer components. The first of these is an integrated MP3 player. Using easy navigation page, a play list can be easily selected while driving safely. xMS also connects to a NMEA GPS via serial port (I use Bluetooth and a virtual port). Lastly, xMS also connects to OBD-II scanners to give real time updates on vehicle status. xMobileSynergy will be a comprehensive package no car computer should be without.

    I still need a lot of work on this one. If you want to help out, by all means download the source and contribute.


xGlobalPositioningSoftware   [VB 2005] x GPS (Global Positioning System) software
    When I got my GPS, it came with some pretty cool software (Topo USA 6.0 and Street Atlas 2007), however it couldn't do everything I wanted it to. It could give me information about my log files, but not as much as I wanted. So what do you do in that kind of circumstance? Make your own software, of course. xGPS allows you to import a GPS log file as ASCII text (.txt or .csv) and analyzes it. The main feature I wanted was to be able to zoom to certain sections of a log file and get the min/max/average speed, elevation, distance, etc. That's what xGPS can give you that the other software couldn't. I'm also working on some other features such as a graphical display window that can actually do mapping and even connect to a GPS device. Stay tuned.


xFileTransfer   [VB 6.0 and VB.NET] x File Transfer software
    xFT was originally designed to download multiple files off the internet in a couple easy steps. This was motivated by web sites that restrict downloads to one or two connections per IP address. Instead of waiting for the download to complete then manually starting the next one, xFT lets you queue many downloads to run one at a time. After the original creation of xFT, more features were added, such as multiple file downloads, web preview, web browser and a couple other tools. Unfortunately, the software is far from being robust at this point.

Graphics manipulating software   [C++]
    This is a final project for ECE 1574 There is really no use for this if you have something more powerful like Photoshop, but the main point of putting this software up is to demonstrate that I know how to program semi-useful software with C++. The project was mainly designed to use classes and dynamic arrays to perform simple graphic operations. The program can: open in several formats, save in several formats, complement, scale, edge detection, smooth, sharpen, magnify, shrink, crop, erode, dilate, clean, threshold, RGB to gray and draw points, lines and rectangles.


Time card calculator   [VB 6.0]
    Time card calculator was developed during the Summer of 2004 at the Tile Collection.
    In most work environments, time clocks are already digital or automatically calculate hours. However, at the Tile Collection, the time cards were stamped with the times and manually calculated. TimeCard allows the user to enter the times just like it appears on the time card to easily calculate the times. Entering time is fast, simply type the time in the box and tab through the boxes.
This software was developed in a couple days, so it is far from being robust and is far from having ever feature you could think of, but it gets the job done.

*Minimal amount of code snippets from other developers, mainly from freevbcode.com. Detailed credit is commented.
**Some code for gui developed by my professor, all other code written by Evan Beloni

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